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UTSC Organization Chart (last updated 2.24.2017)

Annual Committees


Purpose: Work on waste minimization initiatives throughout campus as a means of greater staff engagement. We are working with individual staff and students to optimize the locations of indoor recycling bins in order to facilitate custodial handling of aluminum and plastics recycling, and hopefully increase the rate of recycling overall. We are also providing an opportunity for staff to identify locations for water bottle filler spouts, making it easier to use refillable bottles. Finally,we are encouraging upper administration to publicly (and frequently) state their commitment to a Zero Waste goal and provide support and guidance for staff on making this transition.

Link to Sustainability page


Professional Development and Training

Purpose: Work to identify, promote and propose solutions for professional development and training opportunities for all staff.

Link to  Professional Development and Training page



Special Projects/UTSC Follow-Up

Purpose: Provide continuity with the goals/missions of the last term.

Link to Special Projects page


Standing Committees



Purpose: Solidify the role of communications within Staff Council, Review and enhance Staff Council?s social media profile, and Raise the profile of Staff and Staff Council.

Link to Communications main page



Purpose: The membership of the Executive Committee consists of the elected officers of the UTSC, the Chairs of Standing Committees, and ex officio members.

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Past Committees (Link to Past Committees Page)

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