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Laser Cutter Policies


    • If you are having EID access problems with the laser cutter systemscomputers aren't logged in, notify staff at the Technology Desk. Only the Technology Desk staff are permitted to give you access to the system. Do not get another student to log in for you or share your EID credentials, as this can result in revoking privileges for both students, as described below.
      • Sharing your EID password is in violation of the university's Acceptable Use Policy and can have severe consequences, up to and including disciplinary probation, suspension from the university, and criminal prosecution.
    • Infractions of laser cutter or any other Technology Lab policies may result in privileges being revoked.
    • Operating the laser cutter without being trained AND paying the subscription for the semester may result in privileges being revoked.
    • Operating the laser cutter under someone else's login may result in privileges being revoked for you as well as for the person who allowed you access to the system. If you are found to be logged into the laser cutter computer with someone else’s credentials, both you and the person who shared their information may have their access revoked for the rest of the semester.
    • Use of more than one laser cutter at the same time is only permitted when there is no one on the calendar.
    • If you notice that the laser cutter requires cleaning or maintenance, please notify the Technology Desk staff immediately in person or by calling 512-471-1189.


    • In order to use the laser cutters the student, faculty, or staff must
      • be a member of the School of Architecture community (students, faculty, or staff) AND
      • purchase a subscription for the semester (The subscription cost has been waived for the 2021 Spring semestersemester AND 
      • complete online laser cutter training AND
      • be certified for laser cutter use by a member of the Technology Desk staff.


    • Use of prohibited materials could result in the material melting to the laser cutter bed and/or the release of toxic fumes. Due to the severity of the risk, cutting prohibited materials will result in loss of lab privileges and possible fines for damages. You may be asked at any time about your materials and their content. It's important for you to know what you're cutting, so please source it from trustworthy suppliers.
    • Prohibited Materials
      • PVC
        • Note: The University Co-op sells material that looks like acrylic but is made of PVC and styrene, and is therefore strictly prohibited.
      • Lexan
      • Polyurethan
      • Styrene
      • Polycarbonate
      • Vinyl
      • Glass
      • Foam Core
      • Metal
      • Chloride-based materials

    • Questionable Materials (Consult with Tech Desk Staff for approval) 

      • Wood, ie. plywood with potentially flammable adhesives 

      • Soft materials like leather  

      • Reflective materials 

    • Lime Powder MSDS