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2) For access to SSH and the web applications, the external collaborator would just need a BRCF account. One complication is that access to the BRCF Account Request website is only allowed from within the UT campus network, or using the UT VPN service, which they would not have. A work-around is to have the POD owner or delegate Contact Us and authorize us  create an account for the collaborator (see Available BRCF PODs for POD owners and delegate names). We will do so, and assign a password which we will share with the UT-affiliated requestor in UT's Stache ( The requestor can then provide that password to the collaborator, which will be needed for web application access. (Also note that password changes can only be made through the network-restricted BRCF Account Request application.

A second complication is that different POD services are restricted in different ways. For example, SSH access outside the UT campus network or without the UT VPN service is only supported using public key encryption. So for SSH access, the collaborator would will need to generate a public/private key pair and email us the public key to install in their home directory. They can then SSH to pod compute servers, without providing a password. See Passwordless Access via SSH for details.