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Local research computing resources consist of <your number of compute servers> computational servers connected to a high-capacity shared storage server. The compute servers are <for example: a Dell PowerEdge R430 with dual 18-core/36-hyperthread CPUs and 384 GB RAM, and a Dell PowerEdge R410 with dual 4-core/8-hyperthread CPUs and 64 GB RAM; see this page for a list of servers on your POD and their configurations: POD Resources and Access#AvailablePODs>. The shared storage server is <for example, a 24-bay SuperMicro enclosure with 64GB RAM, or a 36-bay ThinkMate NearLine server with 128GB RAM> populated with <for example, 24 6-TB disks for 144 TB of raw storage and 80 TB usable.>. All <name of your group> data, including <for example, raw and processed data from NGS experiments>, user and administrative data, are stored on the shared storage server. The ZFS file system provides a large, contiguous address space, a high level of redundancy (2 of every 6 disks), automatic in-place data compression, and file system data integrity validation services. Compute servers communicate with the shared storage server over10-gigabit Ethernet, providing fast local storage for I/O intensive operations. Both compute and storage servers run Ubuntu Linux 18.04 server edition.