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Yes, WebDAV is available via using your cloudID and your external password?

How can UTBox be used to transmit Category 1 data from an outside entity or 3rd party vendor?

  • By using the Box Upload Widget – this can be embedded into a webpage that you control and be used by 3rd parties to securely upload data without creating an account. 
    Refer to the following topic on the Box website: How do I upload files to a Box folder from a website with the Upload Widget?
  • Another option is to invite the 3rd party as a collaborator to a folder within Box using the following steps:

    1. Ask the 3rd party to create a free Box account if they do not already have one
    2. Create a new folder in Box
    3. Right-click on it and choose “Invite Collaborators”
    4. Enter the email address of the 3rd party
      • This email address they give you must be the same one they used to create their Box account, or else it will prompt them to make a new free account.
    5. Set their permissions to “Uploader”
    6. Add a message and click “Send”

    If this method is chosen, a separate folder must be made for each 3rd party. 



Account Management

Can I obtain a departmental UTBox account to share with my team?