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  • Classrooms (ASE 1.124, 1.126, 2.134)
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The classrooms have dual projectors, HDMI connection, AirMedia, doc cam, and a podium computer

The ASE 1.126 classroom also has a lavalier lapel and handheld microphones.

Laptops and mobile devices can connect to the projectors using either the HDMI connection or AirMedia wireless option.

  • Use the console to control the room AV.  If screen is blank, tap screen to wake it up.

     AV Console Image

  • The default option is to display the podium computer on both screens
  • The advanced video options allows separate control of each projector
  • Use the mouse to wake the computer screen
  • Logon using your UT EID

     Computer Selected Image

  • To display from a laptop or tablet connect the HDMI cable to the device. If necessary use one of the items on the HDMI adapter ring.
  • Select Display HDMI to send to both screens.

     HDMI Selected Image

  • Select Display AirMedia to send to both screens

     AirMedia Selected Image

  • Select Display Doc Cam to send to both screens

     Doc Cam Selected Image

  • Select Doc Cam Control from the bottom toolbar to access doc cam controls
  • select ← button to return to main screen

     Doc Cam Controls Image

  • Select End on the control toolbar to turn off the projectors and raise screen

     Control Toolbar Image

  • Select Yes to turn off AV system

     System Off Image

Advanced Video

The advanced video option allows separate control of each projector.

  • Select Advanced Video on the control toolbar

     Advanced Video Icon Image

  • Choose the video source to send to each projector
  • Turning a projector off will raise the corresponding screen. Turning on lowers the screen.

     Advanced Video Controls Image

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