Contact for GsAB Mentoring Program:

Graduate Student Advisory Board


Name, Program

President & Liaison to Faculty and StaffJerry Potts, SUS
SecretarySurya Prakash Karuppusamy, CEPM
Student Liaison & Office Hour and Graduate Student Well-Being ChairThomas Varner, STR
Dheeraj Adwani, IME
Peer Mentorship Program ChairAshray Saxena, GEO
Student Experience Committee RepresentativeLoveleen, STR
Newsletter ChairMeghna Thomas, EWRE
Curriculum Committee Representative & CAEE Wiki UpdaterCesar Loretto, CEPM
Mental Health and Professional Development ChairAli Kothwala, TRANS
Community ChairDulce Maria Trejo, STR
Survey ChairBartik Pandel, GEO
GSA RepresentativeSam Lin, BEE
Social ChairChris Sabillon, TRANS
Anusha Vajapeyajula, GEO

The CAEE Graduate student Advisory Board (GsAB) addresses issues that are important to students in the engineering graduate programs in CAEE. 
GsAB reports administratively to the Graduate Coordinator, Graduate Advisors and Department Chair.

The department asks the GsAB to represent the views of graduate students to the faculty and administration; to facilitate graduate student communication and interaction; to gather and disseminate information pertinent to graduate students; to conduct activities that promote the general welfare of graduate students; and to provide a means of assisting in the selection of graduate student members of departmental, college, and University bodies.

Activities of the Board include: attending meetings with the department chair and advisors, attending faculty meetings; representing the CAEE students with the GSA (Graduate Student Assembly) and GEC (Graduate Engineering Council); supporting recruitment efforts by being a point of contact for their area, and hosting recruitment related social events; participating in department events such as Student Townhall, Graduate Symposium and poster sessions.  In addition they participate in orientation events so that new students will be aware of the GsAB advocate in their area. 

Recommendations from the GsAB are instrumental in helping the faculty and staff understand obstacles to student success, connecting student concerns with concrete action.
Students who are interested in serving as board member should contact the Graduate Coordinator or the GsAB.

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