RDG instead of VPN

Starting July 9th, 2023, VPN will stop working for remotely accessing several systems on campus and the Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) service will be needed instead

The Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) is a service that allows you to remotely connect and log on to a managed UT Windows computer from on or off campus.

  • You must have permissions to remote into the computer
  • The computer must be powered on and connected to the UT network (wireless is an option)
  • Logging into the RDG is separate from logging into the computer and does require two-factor authentication

Duo Default Device

You must have a default device (smart phone, landline, SMS text message) defined with Duo to complete the second factor authentication as passcodes are not supported by the Duo for RD Gateway software. 

Client configuration

Use the following to configure your remote desktop client software

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