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Telephone Access

If you are accessing a new account for the first time see the home page, Getting Started.  To access by phone after it is initialized:

From your UTVM phone:

  1. Dial the service code #71, or 2-UTVM (2-8886).
  2. Enter your PIN followed by the # sign. 

Note:  To check a mailbox on another phone to which you have been given access (such as your department's main line), dial in as above, but do not enter your PIN.  Instead, press the star key to be prompted for a mailbox number, then follow the prompts to log into the other mailbox.

From an off-campus phone:

  1. Dial the UTVM access number, 512 232-UTVM (8886).  (On campus, dial 2-8886.) 
  2. At the mailbox prompt, enter your mailbox number followed by the # sign.  NOTE:  If prompted for a PIN (meaning the line you are on has its own UTVM account), press the star key to be prompted for the mailbox number.
  3. Enter your PIN and press the # sign.

You can also reach your mailbox by dialing your own telephone number (or direct line), waiting for the greeting to begin playing, and pressing *.  UTVM will prompt for your PIN.  If you press * again, UTVM will prompt for a mailbox number and a PIN.


Telephone Menu Diagram, which shows your options when logged in by telephone; contains downloadable versions.

Web Access

Your login is exactly the same as the telephone login, using your five-digit phone number and the new PIN you chose when logging in by phone the first time.

Using any standard web browser, go to, enter your mailbox number and PIN and click Login.  NOTE:  For security purposes, ITS is installing a requirement to use the UT VPN (using your EID) so please be advised of the coming requirement.  You'll be prompted.


Settings (GUI)

Supported Web Browsers

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