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This page describes the Settings fields available via the Graphic User Interface (GUI).  Log in and click "Settings" to access:

  • Preferences
  • Greetings and Name Announcements
  • Manage Sub-Mailboxes
  • Change PIN

Some options can also be set via the Telephone Menu Diagram.


Changes will only be applied when you click the "Save" button on any of the Settings pages.


  • Name fields:  If you enter your name in these fields, your name will replace your phone number when you leave messages for fellow UTVM subscribers.  This will enable fellow subscribers to reach you via Dial-by-Name.  However, please see the Dial-by-Name Caveat page before using the feature.  See also:  Caller ID vs. UTVM Name Settings for instructions.
  • Alternate Name fields:  This may help callers reach you successfully when using the dial by name feature.  As above, please see the Dial-by-Name Caveat page before using the feature.
  • Timezone:  This is set to the default time zone (including Daylight Saving Time) used by the UTVM server.  You should never need to reset the time zone.
  • 24-Hour Clock:  To time stamp your messages with 24-hour clock settings, check this box.
  • Default Language:  The default is English.  No alternatives are currently available.
  • Language List:  The default is English.  No alternatives are currently available.
  • Subscriber Defined Transfer (caller transfer-out feature):  If you wish to allow callers to transfer to your cell or other phone, check this box and enter a number in the Subscriber's Transfer Number field.  See next preference setting:
  • Subscriber's Transfer Number:  If you selected the Subscriber Defined Transfer box, enter the number to which callers will transfer themselves.  For campus transfers, enter the 5-digit number; for off-campus transfers, enter a 9 followed by the phone number including area code.  No spaces or punctuation are necessary.  Then re-record your greeting with instructions to press 1 to be transferred.
  • Include me in the company directory:  Currently not applicable.  For use with an automated attendant service not implemented.
  • Master Access to Sub-Mailboxes:  Check this box to display a list of sub-mailboxes on your Mailbox page. This enables you to manage the contents of sub-mailboxes for this account. If the check box is cleared, you cannot access sub-mailboxes in the GUI view.
  • Message Playback Order:  The default is "Oldest first."  You may also select "Most recent first."
  • VCR FF/RW Duration in Seconds:  This is the fast forward / rewind setting.  When listening to messages via phone, this is length of time you will skip ahead (by pressing 6) or back (by pressing 7).  The default is 5 seconds
  • Present Envelope Information:  To play the messages' "envelope" (full caller ID and time-stamp info) when listening to messages by phone, check this box. 
  • Confirm Message Deletion:  To receive confirmations when messages are successfully deleted, check this box.
  • Auto-deposit Distribution List:  Currently not applicable.
  • FMFM Number List:  This is a list of phone numbers for use with the Find-Me-Follow-Me feature.
  • Outdial Calling Order:  When using the Find-Me-Follow-Me feature, this allows you to choose whether calls should be forwarded to your other numbers simultaneously or sequentially.  The default is "Simultaneous."
  • FMFM Plays Caller Name:  When using the Find-Me-Follow-Me feature, if you want the system to prompt the caller to record their name so you can identify the caller when you answer their call, check this box.
  • Prompt for Voicemail:  When using the Find-Me-Follow-Me feature, if you want the system to give the caller options to either go to your voicemail or to locate you, check this box.
  • Enable FMFM:  To enable the Find-Me-Follow-Me feature, check this box.

Greetings and Name Announcements

  • Select greeting:  Use the buttons and check boxes to select which greeting(s) you want to be active.
  • Upload custom greetings:  Uploading greeting wav files via web session is not currently supported at UT.  Please use telephone access to record greetings.

Manage Sub-Mailboxes 

NOTE:  For more information and important considerations regarding the use of sub-mailboxes, refer to the main Sub-Mailboxes page.

To add sub-mailboxes:

  • Log into your primary mailbox at
  • Select Settings in the left-hand navigation pane.
  • Select Manage Sub-Mailboxes.  
  • Click New.  
  • On the confirmation page, click sub-mailbox changes to return to the Manage Sub-Mailboxes page.

To delete sub-mailboxes:

  • Navigate to sub-mailbox management as above.
  • Check the box next to mailbox(es) to be deleted.
  • Click "Delete."

Change PIN

  • Log in with current PIN. 
  • Select Settings. 
  • Select Change PIN. 
  • Enter current PIN for authentication. 
  • Enter and re-enter new PIN. 
  • Select Save. 

Your PIN change will be acknowledged.


The PIN Management main page

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