Getting to the Auto Account Setup Screen:

If, when you open Outlook, you see the Outlook 2010/2013 Startup Wizard:

  1. Click Next.
  2. Select Yes and click Next.
  3. Skip down to the Auto Account Setup section of this page.

If you do not see the Outlook 2010/2013 Startup Wizard, follow these instructions:

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. From your Start menu, open the Control Panel.
  3. Double-click Mail. (If you do not see Mail, click Switch to classic view on the left in Windows XP. In Windows 7, look at the top right corner of the window. Click on Category to drop down your list of view options and select Small icons or Large icons.)
  4. Click Show Profiles.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Type mccombs in the Profile Name box and click OK.

If the Auto Account Setup does not work, close everything and follow the Manually configure server settings instructions below to configure your account manually.

Manually configure server settings

  1. Follow the instructions in the Getting to the Auto Account Setup Screen section at the top of this page to bring up the Account Setup screen.
  2. Check the Manually configure server settings or additional server types box and click Next.
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange and click Next.
  4. In the Microsoft Exchange Server field, type
  5. If you are using a notebook computer, make sure Use Cached Exchange Mode is checked. If you are using a McCombs lab computer, uncheck Use Cached Exchange Mode.
  6. In the User Name field, type your first and last name. (If not recognized try your msbaccount)
  7. Click Check Name.
  8. At this point, you may be asked to log in. Log in as, where msbaccount is your personal MSB account.
  9. The exchange server will change names and your name should appear in the User Name field.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Click Finish.
  12. On the Mail screen, if you check another email account through another profile in Outlook, select Prompt for a profile to be used. Whenever you open Outlook, you will be asked which profile you want to open. To view your McCombs email, selectmccombs. Your other profile is probably called Outlook. If you only have one profile in Outlook, or if this is the only profile you’ll use, select Always use this profile, and select mccombs from the drop down list.
  13. Click OK.

You should be able to access your email through Outlook 2010 on campus and off campus. If for some reason you are unable to connect to Outlook from off campus, try running VPN software, then opening Outlook.

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