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The GCN has several resources available for new Graduate Coordinators (GCs):

  • Mentoring: GCs can request to be paired with a mentor (another GC at UT Austin). Mentors meet individually with new GCs to discuss best practices, rules, regulations and resources. Whenever possible, a mentor will be from the same college as the new GC. Please feel free to contact Tracy Demchuk to be paired with a mentor, or for mentoring questions.

  • GCN Email Listserv: this is an email list of all Graduate Coordinators. Important emails about meetings, events, and information go out to this list. Visit the GCN Listserv online and click Subscribe to be added to the list. Please read the listserv etiquette page before you send an email to the listserv!

  • GCN Meetings: we encourage you to attend as many GCN meetings as you can (see the GCN Calendar for dates). Important topics and resources are discussed in each GCN meeting, and it's a great way to meet other GCs.

  • GCN Team: the GCN group in MS Teams is the central place for posting/answering questions and announcements. Join the GCN Team >

  • GCN Wiki: the Wiki is where relevant and useful resources for GCs are posted. If you aren't able to find the information you need in the Wiki, Teams or Grad School links below, please contact Lacy White or Kat Morales.

In addition to the GCN resources, the Graduate School has lots of useful information for GCs on their website:

There are many online tools and databases that will help you do your job. The GCN Resources page contains a task time line, templates, and a list of useful logins. This list was created by current graduate coordinators to help you get started. It is by no means exhaustive or complete, and you may not need all of these permissions depending on how your department is organized. Note: please send any update requests to Lacy White or Kat Morales.

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