R is an open source programming language designed for statistical computing. It is freely available from The Comprehensive R Archive Network. RStudio is a free Integrated Development Environment that provides a more graphical interface for writing R programs. RStudio includes R. If you choose to use RStudio or the course you are taking requires it, then you do not need to separately download R itself.



As a UT student you have free access to professional online training videos from Lynda.com. Where Lynda has specific training videos on course software used at the McCombs School of Business you can find a link to those videos in the software details for that application (note: If you click on a link to a Lynda video you will need to click "Log in" at the top right hand corner of the Lynda page, and type www.utexas.edu in the "Log in through your organization or school" section). You can learn more about free training from Lynda.com at Lynda at McCombs




An interactive tutorial on basic to advanced R features is also available with R itself. It is called Statistics With Interactive R Learning (SWIRL). More information about installing and using this can be found at http://swirlstats.com/students.html