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Dabbing is a loose term for pick and place robotic movements being used relative to a work area. This specific file takes user defined points, duplicates them +30mm in the Z axis for entry and exit points, and then outputs robotic code to run on the Kuka KR60 #1. This file can be used for a large variety of tasks, such as dot painting, pointalism style drawing and painting, as well as extrusion printing in dot patterns.


Template Files:   2019.09.10 Dabbing.3dm 

                          2019.09.10 Dabbing.gh

Algorithm Steps:

  • Input (point input only)

Right click the Pt container and select add point or multiple points to define your points for movement.

  • Dabbing Motion Control

This part of the file duplicates your points for entry and exit points. Move the number slider from 30mm to any other value - this will change the height of your entry and exit points above the work plane.

  • Robotic Setup

This is where the points are merged with the robot and tool containers to produce the robot code. 

Save .src File:


1 - Click the KUKAprc Setup button

2 - Name your output file

3 - Select your output file location

4 - Click Apply