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 Enhanced Presenter Mode
  • Tracks active speakers in the room with up to 3 participants to be displayed via split-screen at once.
  • The Owl uses its directional microphone(s) in conjunction with face recognition to keep the presenter in shot
  • Enabled by default. to disable this mode, press the button on the rear of the Owl
  • Camera
    • 360° camera (1080p 30fps)
    • The best distance for the speaker is 4-12 feet from the Owl
    • Automatically tracks the presenter as they speak and move around the room
  • Microphone
    • 18-foot radius audio pickup
    • Mics equalize speaking volume automatically
  • Speaker
    • 360° speaker


  • 10Ft USB-C to Micro-USB cable
  • 8Ft Power cable
  • Tripod (optional/recommended)

Setting Up

  1. Turn the Owl over → plug in the two included cables.
  2. Connect the power cable to an outlet → Connect the USB to your host computer.
  3. Position the Owl in the center of your presentation
    1. For optimal quality, position the Owl within 4-12ft from the main speaker.
    2. Tripods for the Owl are available at the Tech Desk which will make positioning the Owl more flexible.

Configuring Audio

  1. Start your meeting on the host computer
  2. Press the ^ arrow next to "Audio"
  3. Select "Meeting Owl" for both the Microphone & Speaker (within the red boxes in screenshot)
    1. The Owl is equipped with 360° speakers
    2. Room audio may be more practical in some cases
      1. In this case, you should leave the "Select a Speaker" option on default
  4. Press the ^ arrow next to "Video"
  5. Select "Meeting Owl"

On-screen Icons

Standalone Owl

Indicates your Owl is on and broadcasting. Paired with Physical illuminating lights on the Owl device itself.

Enhanced Presenter

The Meeting Owl automatically tracks a presenter as they speak and move around the room and keep them displayed on the stage. For best performance, stand 4-10 feet from the Owl.


When shown; this indicates your audio is muted. Check the Owl for a red light and press the mute/unmute button on the side of the device.


  • Mute buttons on either side of the Owl (2)
    • You will also see the mute icon on the top corner of your video
  • Volume +/- buttons on the front
    • Controls computer volume by 2-steps each press
    • Hold button to quickly raise and lower the volume
  • Toggle Enhanced Presenter mode
    • You will see a group/circle icon when the multi-presenter mode is enabled
    • The icon will go away when disabled