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NOTE: As part of the SoA's effort to comply with a mandate from UT's Environmental Health and Safety, a card reader was installed at the entrance to the Build Lab, and the door remains locked from the outside at all times.  Those who have successfully passed EHS's on-line training session and The Build Lab's "Level 1" training can access the shop during normal operating hours by simply swiping their UT ID cards at the door.  No exceptions can be made.

Our training teaches fundamental knowledge of methods, materials, tools and equipment.  It is offered in the three levels described below:

  • Environmental Health and Safety's on-line training (one of two sessions required to access Build Lab): Emphasizes University-wide policies and practices.  Contains many informative videos.  Follow this link for instructions about taking their training
  • Level 1 Site Specific Training(the second of two sessions required to access Build Lab): Taught by the Build Lab Manager, John Vehko, at the beginning of each semester in studio-sized groups of 15 or more.   Email John Vehko for days and times of upcoming sessions.
  • Level 2 Site Specific Training (Required to use the heavier equipment)  Taught by the Build Lab Manager, John Vehko, as needed, in groups of six or more.  Email John Vehko for days and times of upcoming sessions.


About Environmental Health and Safety's on-line training...

Follow this link to EHS’s training site but PLEASE NOTE that you may have to manually enter “0040000” in the department unit code (see Fig. 1, below) if it is blank or has a different number.  If you do not do this we will be unable to verify that you’ve completed their training.

EHS’s training differs from the Build Lab's training in that it is not hands-on nor specific to our tools and equipment.

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