Usually refers to large pieces of machinery, but also includes those things we don't check out.

Available to Undergraduate Students in 1st year and through portfolio review (3rd year) who have successfully completed the requisite training:

Bandsaws - (2) 14" and (1) 20"

Disc and Belt sanders - (8) of various configurations

Drill Presses - (5) of various sizes and capabilities

Scroll Saw - (3)

Vacuum table - for clamping multiple sheet goods together, such as topographic models.

Paint Booth - one of two spaces where spray cans can be used, the other being on the tarp over the welding table on the Goldsmith Patio

Casting Areas - there are two areas allocated for casting concrete, plaster, Rockite, etc.  This is an activity that is not allowed indoors elsewhere (i.e. it's not allowed in studios).

Fletcher 3000 - for cutting glass, acrylic sheet goods and pressed paper products (i.e. chipboard, illustration board, watercolor paper, etc.)

Available for Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students who've passed portfolio review.  Additional training required:

All the above, plus...

Table Saws (2)Thickness SanderDown-draft sanding tables (2)
Dollies (4)Welder

Hydraulic Iron Worker

Joiners (2)Horizontal MortiserCNC Router
Planers/Surfacers (2)Vertical MillLadders (4)
Power HacksawSandblast Cabinet3-in-1 Sheet Metal Machine
Hossfeld metal benderCarts (4)Chop Saw
Router TableVacuum Former (2)Vacuum Pot
KilnPlastic/acrylic benderPlastic welder
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