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Assets will be cataloged at the item level with Extensis Portfolio Server 10, in either the Web or Desktop Client. Creators will develop metadata according to the custom metadata schema (see "Manual"). The schema is qualified Dublin Core and includes 19 fields. There is a "Bare Minimum Metadata Requirements list", but creators and other users are strongly encouraged to fill out all of the fields for better searchability and preservation. 

Through the Web Client, users can develop metadata in the left panel by selecting the image and then clicking “All Fields” in the fields’ dropdown menu and then clicking the triangle next to “Custom.”

Through the Desktop Client, select the image and then select “Properties” in the top toolbar. Double click the field to be able to change it. To upload metadata from an Excel file, see the Digital Asset Manager. When you are finished select “Done.”

Questions should be directed toward the Digital Asset Manager (

When all other users retrieve an asset, they will enter the date and the project name in the dc.Description.LastUsed field to keep track of how often an asset is used.

If you need to delete an asset, see the Digital Asset Manager. 

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