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  1. First open sequence in timeline – you can mark a segment or not depending if you want to export the whole thing or only part (explained later in this document)

  1. Next go to >File>Output> Export to File

Click on Options

Click on "Custom" then click on "Format Options"

On Movie Settings Make sure "Video" is checked and click on "Settings"

Compression choose Avid DNxHD

Frame Rate – current

Compressor – choose Millions of Colors

No Alpha and Color Levels 709

Resolutions choose between DNxHD 115 or 175 8bit

Click OK

Resolutions choose between DNxHD 115 or 175 8bit

Sound Settings

Click on Settings

Linear PCM

Stereo and 48K

Render out at normal 16bit

Click OK

The correct settings for exporting the DNxHD file shown here.

Double check that all your settings match this.

Of Course if you are working in 29.97 then make sure your choose that frame rate and also you could of chosen DNxHD 115 as the codec so that could be a difference as well. If all good click OK.

Check the Export Settings

Export as QuickTime Movie

Use marks and enabled tracks if necessary

Custom – Video and Audio

1920 x 1080 aspect ratio

Color – Keep at Legal Range

Native Dimensions 1920 x 1080

Click Save

Pick a place to save the file

Title the .mov file

Save on your storage drive or SAN Volume

Click Save

After exporting is completed open the file in Quicktime Player and open the "Movie Inspector"

you will see that the movie is compressed as a AVID DnxHD Codec movie 1920 x 1080

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