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This will guide you through setting up the studio to shoot one camera interviews.  

The steps include:

  1. Turn on studio wall switches
  2. Route the 4E Studio in the video router
  3. Route the 4E audio in the Wheatstone controller
  4. Set up audio board (Turn mics on and pan left/right)
  5. Set up Studio - position camera and partitions
  6. Plug in wired lavalieres under the news desk
  7. White balance camera
  8. Set up KiPro compact flash recorder

(hyperlinks above link to more detailed instructions for each step)


Turn on both switches on wall



Route studio 4E using the video router


Press Back


Press Salvo


Choose Studio 4E


Route the 4E audio



Push and hold shift for 5 seconds 


While holding SHIFT choose Studio 4E



Set up audio board


Turn on the button and bring slider up that corresponds

with the mic input you are using.


Turn on MASTER fader and slide up


(if you are using more than 1 microphone)

Pan Mics Left and Right

On one of the Mic sliders hold the A/B button at the very

top of the slider.

Use the pan knob to pan to the LEFT

Repeat this for the other microphone but pan to the RIGHT


Set up studio


Roll CAM 1 into position & position partitions


Turn on camera (if off)



Plug in XLR wired mics


Mics are in the cabinet in the control room

Insert AA battery in mic



Use the XLR cables located in the studio


Plug the mics into 3 and 4 underneath the news desk


Set up studio for white balancing the camera


Turn on lighting preset - BG


Turn off HOUSE lights


Place the white foam board (from the easel) in position

Zoom camera all the way to the white board

White balance camera in the control roomPress the LAB E CAM 1 button

Go to Manual Mode






Press ABB to black balance the camera

Adjust IRIS of camera - Turn IRIS knob on bottom left

Turn the knob until the Waveform Monitor video signal

touches the 80 IRE mark (indicated with a --------- line.)



Now that the video levels are set - Press AWB

Before White Balance

After White Balance


  Set up Ki Pro recorder


Insert Compact Flash card


Format Compact Flash card

Press MEDIA button

Press SELECT up/down arrows,

navigate to Format Media.

Use the ADJUST UP button to select FORMAT.

Press and hold the ADJUST UP arrow 

button for 2 seconds


If you are using two compact flash cards

Press the SLOT button to switch to the 2nd card and

repeat the last steps

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  1. Mark A Rogers, is the reason there's 2 mics and panning b/c the interviewer and the subject have a mic recorded on separate tracks? i assumed 1 mic...

    1. Yes.  With Maggie she wants to record both the interviewee and the interviewer.   I made this more generic and not really just for her, so i guess I need to add some verbiage about *if you are using two mics and want the audio on separate channels*