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General Correspondence and Queries

For purchasing, payments, or travel questions, email Please include in the subject line an appropriate keyword such as: “travel”, “purchasing”, “payment” or “invoice.



Request for Travel Authorization (RTA)

  • Please visit the requests system and use the travel authorization request button
  • CTR staff and students must attach their supervisor’s approval to the request
    • You can create a PDF of an email from your supervisor and attach it to the form when filling out the travel authorization request
  • Please submit your requests at least 2 business days prior to travel
  • Travel without an approved RTA prior to the travel date is not allowed by UT and cannot be reimbursed
  • For TxDOT RTI projects’ out-of-state travel requests, be sure to fill out the RTI Out-of-State Travel Request for approval before booking your trip
    • RTI requires minimum of 10 business days / 2 weeks for their approval process
  • If you would like to direct bill or use a travel agent, please indicate that on your RTA request
  • Other travel related information can be found online at Travel Management Services

 Tax Exemption Forms

 Travel Reimbursement

  • Please visit the requests system and use the reimbursement request button
  • Receipts must be uploaded through the travel reimbursement request system within 30 days of return
  • University policy requires that lodging must be paid individually. Even though the place (hotel, house) can be shared with more than one person, everyone must pay their portion


  • All equipment and other purchase orders (PO) must go through the official system and follow UT purchasing rules
    • Items may not be purchased (or agreements reached) prior to having a PO in place
    • Please notify your purchaser when your order has been received if it has shipped directly to you
  • Download the sales tax exemption certificate if you are purchasing on your own using a procard
  • Dues/memberships will not be reimbursed if paid using your personal funds
    • All dues/memberships must be paid for using a CTR Procard
    • Similarly, office supply purchases will not be reimbursed and must be purchased through the UT system
  • Procard receipts should be turned in within 3 business days.

If you have questions about purchasing, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Purchasing from Amazon

Purchasing from UT Market

  • Access UT Market online
  • Select the item(s) and add them to your cart
  • click check out
  • select button “Assign Cart”
  • select “search for an assignee”
  • search of EID MPD325 and assign cart

Purchasing Supplies from Certain Online Vendors

  • Some online vendors (e.g. McMasterCarr) allow you to forward a shopping cart to a designated person for purchasing.
    For such websites, please create your cart and email it to caee-oru@engr.utexas.eduand include the account number to charged in the annotation.

Purchasing from Other Sources

The REQ Request System is for requesting the purchase of items that do not fall in any of the above categories. Please visit the requests system and use the purchase request button. Download the sales tax exemption certificate.

CTR Database

  • The CTR database can be accessed online
    • IMPORTANT: This can only be accessed using utexas WiFi OR using VPN when off campus
  • All your students / researchers / post-docs should be listed under “Res” button
    • If you are responsible for someone and that person is not listed, please let Amyknow
  • All your projects should be listed under the “Pro” button
    • When you get a chance, please do add in a very short lay description and keywords for each project.  This helps us connect you to new sponsors, media requests etc. from time to time.
    • You may have several tasks that feed into the same account number – whether you would like to break this project into tasks is your choice.  Let us know either way.
  • IMPORTANT:  Please use the “Time” and “Tuition” buttons to assign breakdowns for each of your team members (including yourself as appropriate).  The screens are self-explanatory
    • Use the project ending with “Other Projects or Accounts” for situations where you have a student as TA, grader, on gift account, on a project where you are a co-PI etc. and add a description in the notes or any other information you would like to share with Amy for appointment
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