To request a room reservation for Kinesiology & Health Education faculty or staff, first check the current room reservations.

Once you find an open time period, email your request to Jenny Ann Eskew. In your email, please include the following:

  • Room Number
  • Time periods you would like to reserve the room
  • Purpose of the reservation
  • Affiliated faculty member

**Your room reservation request is not finalized until you receive confirmation from Jenny Ann.

BEL Rooms



BEL 325

Capacity: 26


BEL 410

Capacity: 6

BEL 518

Capacity: 10

BEL 602A

Capacity: 80

BEL 602B

Capacity: 49

BEL 709A

Capacity: 8

BEL 710A

Capacity: 12

BEL 710B

Capacity: 21


BEL 858

Capacity: 49

BEL 962

Capacity: 80

BEL 1005

Capacity: 50

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