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Once you have completed assignments, you can select assignments you would like to include on a personalized  review. 

Note: students who work 100+ items successfully over the course of the semester earn more than half a letter grade than those who don't. (Taken piecemeal, that's just 2 problems a day, 10 problems a week!) Set yourself up for success and plan on working a few review problems every day to train your brain.

This assignment will pull a selection of the questions your instructor selected for use on the assignments you select in the creation process, so you'll likely have seen them before but you'll get another chance to work through them. Please note that you can now gain access to the solutions by clicking the pdf button (as long as your professor has released solutions to the assignments those will be available to access on your normal Quest course page during the semester you are enrolled).

To get your custom review pdf without solutions, simply change 'solution' in the URL with 'problem' 

ex: solutions at:

blank custom review at:

The custom review will appear in your list of assignments after a few minutes, so please be patient.  It will require you to reload the course page:

The custom reviews are named by date for your finding pleasure.

To delete a custom review, click the red trash can on the right side of the screen.  If for any reason this doesn't work, or the review resurfaces after refreshing the page, please replace 'quest' in the URL with 'lbtest'; this directs you to the backup server where fixes are first rolled out. If that also doesn't work, please send us a note at --there's some gremlin lurking that we need to eradicate.