How to make the most of your courses in Quest

If you are a student reading this, you may be taking a course that uses the Quest Learning & Assessment tool. So, what does that mean? Now that you have Quest at your fingertips, how should you be using it (and class time) to maximize your learning experience?

Online Education

  • Review your school's honor code (UT's here). Education is a lifelong investment, with integrity practiced at every moment.
  • Get familiar with what's expected to happen. Run through some online exam demos and read over what to expect from online testing.
  • Review how to enter scientific notation and use the algebra pallet. Significant digits driving you nutty? Aim for at least 4 to the right of the decimal point.
  • Use custom reviews–these hone in on personalized areas where you have the biggest areas of growth.

General Strategies

  • Take notes as you watch the videos. Try to keep a notebook just like you would if going to class.
  • Feel free to hit pause as you work through lessons.
  • Review your notes and circle areas you have questions about. Write the questions down.
  • Use resources to get your questions answered--use email, Piazza/discussion-board to share questions with the instructor, TA, or other students (as appropriate). Google other online resources and do some background research.
  • Show up to (online) class mentally ready, and prepared to solve problems. You get out what you put in, and passive learning isn't going to help you on any assessment.
  • Think of your instructor as your personal fitness trainer. Your instructor is there to coach you, encourage you, and point to areas where you need improvement. But your instructor cannot do the learning for you, just like a personal trainer can’t lift your weights. If you want help doing your part take advantage of the many free resources at the Sanger Learning Center.
  • Some study strategies here, with other handouts here.

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