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Help Awaits

At any point you can email with questions or concerns regarding technical difficulties using the system.

Some questions you may encounter in Quest will use numeric free response answers that you type in. The following example is a numeric type question on a learning module slide, but these questions can appear on all types of Quest assignments.

  • If your instructor has allowed retries, you will be given 7 attempts
  • For credit your answer must be within 1% of the correct answer, unless tolerance is otherwise denoted
  • Most answers are at least to six digits (unless significant figures are relevant to the question/otherwise denoted) 


Do not use spaces, commas or units when entering in numbers

Start with at least 6 significant digits for numeric entry; your response must be within 1% of the correct answer unless otherwise designated

Scientific notation should be formatted using "e", not "10" (ex: 46,859,710 should be entered in as 4.685971e7)

If offered, use the function pallet