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COVID-19 precautions have made online testing essential.

The format will be similar to learning modules you may have already experienced, where one question is presented on one slide. However, as this is an exam, you will have one attempt to answer a question, and no immediate feedback is shared.

Online exams can be timed–if they are, you will be notified of this on the instructions (the very first slide). The timer starts once you navigate off of the introduction slide.

At the discretion of your professor, online exams may be proctored via webcam–this means you may be monitored virtually.  (It also means you will need an functioning webcam to participate; please talk with your instructor beforehand if you don't.) You will be notified when this is occurring; a small video box of your live video feed will be displayed in the corner and is verification all is working well. More information on what to expect from proctoring here.

You are welcome to take the exam in any order you like by navigating through to slides of interest using the skip jump hyperlinks at the bottom of the page–just click on the slide you want to go to and you will be directed there in one click:

Alternatively, you may take the exam in the order in which questions are presented, navigating sequentially from slide to slide using the arrow keys in the upper right or lower right corners.

Your answer is fully submitted after hitting the blue 'submit answer' button. You will see 'Your response was received' confirming your answer is recorded:

You CAN now change your answer for this question! To do so, simply click the new response you'd like to enter and click submit answer again. 

Notice that the ability to choose the answer is gone from the current answer that has been submitted. The last answer submitted will be the one graded; any previously submitted answers will not be scored.

On the last page, results, you will be alerted if answers are needed for any problems.

Please note: responses entered, but not submitted (as shown below) will not be saved when navigating to other slides.

You will receive a warning letting you know your work will not be recorded, but you can move to other slides:

In such a case, when you return to the slide in question what you had put previously will not be marked when you come back to it. 

For this reason we recommend selecting and submitting answers in succession when you are ready to commit to your response, and reserving time at the end of the exam to review your submissions as time allows.

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