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You need editor access to create a question in Quest. If you do not see the link to the editor in the top right corner of the main course page, or under shortcuts, simply send us an email to request authorization.

If you already have been granted editor access and still don't see this icon in your upper right hand view, please clear your internet browser's cache, fully close out of all browsers, and try again.

We're here to help!

If at any point you need assistance with using the editor. Please reach out to

The Editor page can be navigated to by clicking on Shortcuts and then the Editor link, as shown below. Alternatively, click here

Within the editor, the left side bar (expanded by clicking the three horizontal lines to the left of the home icon) has a useful links section on the left hand side.

Link TitleDescription
Jump to IdType the ID of a question then hit "enter" on the keyboard. This will take you to the editor page for the ID

Find Question

Function Library

The function library contains the list of functions available to be used for creating questions. Only used for questions that use C or JavaScript

List Parsing

This is a useful page to compare different comma separated lists of numbers. For questions that have lists as answers

Interval Parsing

Similar to list parsing this is for testing equality between comma separated lists of intervals or ordered pairs
New QuestionHow you create a new question (smile)

In the center of the page you'll find the search functionality. There are lots of ways to find what you're looking for; ID # and title are the most common.

Link TitleDescription
SectionThis lets you sort the questions by bank->chapter->section


Search for words in a title of the question


Searches the text of the question


If you have a rough estimate of when the question was written you can search with that method


Filters questions by the UT EID of who created the question
My QuestionsShows all the questions written by you
FlaggedQuestions that have been flagged wrong, filtered by question bank
RecentRecently edited questions, filtered by question bank