How to Export an Over/Under sequence in AVID as H264
By Simon Quiro z

  1. Set the Format 3D to Over/Under

  1. Make sure all your audio and video layers are selected

  1. Mark In and Out points in your timeline, from beginning to end. Go to the beginning of your timeline and press I, then go to the end and press O

  1. Go to File > Export
  2. Before naming your file, find the untitled setting and customize the settings by going to the options menu.

  1. Customize the following settings

  1. Inside the Format Options menu, we will change the output codec to H264 by going to the Settings menu.

  1. Choose the following settings

  1. Press Ok, and you will return to the window to name your file. Name it and press save.

Now you will have an H264 .mov file Over/Under ready.

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