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TACC is the Texas Advanced Compute Center. Visit its website at

How to obtain a TACC account

Creating a fully-enabled account with TACC involves several steps.

Having a TACC account is no longer required to set up a BRCF account.

  1. The applicant submits an account request to TACC
  2. The request is reviewed and approved by TACC staff, who initiate an verification email to the user
    • The user clicks on the email verification link
    • At this point the request is approved
      • The requested account credentials can be used to logon to the TACC user portal
  3. The user must then logon once to the TACC Portal with their new TACC credentials
    • At this point the credentials become visible in the TACC search system
  4. The user must be added to some TACC Project (allocation)
    • This step is performed by a PI who has a TACC Project with any active allocations.
  5. Verify that your TACC account is fully active by logging into a TACC server such as stampede2, ranch or ls5.

Steps 1-3 can be performed by the applicant on their own. However, being added to TACC Project must be done by a UT professor or staff member who has a TACC Project with any active allocations. Typically this will be your PI, or a sponsoring PI. If you cannot obtain a TACC Project assignment on your own, please Contact Us and we may be able to help.

Once these steps are complete, the TACC credentials are fully active. Note that TACC accounts and BRCF accounts are separate entities.

How to obtain a TACC Ranch allocation

This information is relevant for owners of BRCF PODs, who must have an active allocation on TACC's ranch tape archive system in order for POD data to be archived.

Once a PI-eligible TACC account has been set up along with an associated TACC Project, a ranch allocation can be requested. See this discussion for more information.

About TACC Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)


Additional notes:

  1. 2FA goes into effect on most TACC systems on September 27, 2016
  2. Ranch has now implemented 2FA
  3. Globus (gridftp) and irods do not require 2FA.
  4. XSEDE access uses XSEDE 2FA/MFA, and not TACC 2FA.
  5. Automated access is available via Project or Community accounts, or by reversing your work flow.
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