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1.  How much DNA do I need?

Please see Template Prep for details.  Note the distinct data tables for plasmids vs PCR products.  "Concentration" is the relevant column in the tables.




2.  How much sample do I need?

Please provide at least 10 uL of sample, in case reruns are necessary.  12-15 uL would be ideal, but we understand you may not be able to spare that much.




3.  How do you want the samples submitted?

Please use the submission checklists found under Sample Requirements.  Yes, we have a lot of specific requirements.  Have you ever struggled to read a colleague's lab notebook to find an archived sample of DNA and then identify exactly what is in the sample?  That is how we feel if you put anything other than ORDER # and SAMPLE # on your sample tube.




4.  How long do you keep my samples?

It depends on throughput.  It is likely they will be discarded about one week after submission.  Thus, if you need reruns, please let us know as quickly as possible.  




5.  Do I need to add primer to my samples?

Yes, if you have chosen a "My Primer" service, meaning you are providing a custom primer for sequencing.  The sample needs to be "pre-mixed", i.e. template + primer.




6.  How much primer should I add to my samples?

We recommend adding 1 uL of a 10 uM primer stock for every 10 uL of sample.  In this scenario, the concentration of primer would be 10 pmol/uL, which you can enter in the table on the order submission page.




7.  Does DSF provide any common sequencing primers?

Yes, 10 different options.  See the complete list under Service Types.  Please choose a "Core Primer" service, select the primer from the dropdown list, and enter 10 pmol/ul for primer concentration on the order submission page.




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