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Sanger DNA Sequencing

Automated DNA sequencing is performed using industry standard, capillary-based Applied Biosystems 3730/3730XL DNA Analyzers and BigDye Terminator v3.1 chemistry. Together, these provide high-throughput and sensitivity, allowing same day results for as many as 800 samples (our current resource capacity).  We can sequence single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), recombinant plasmids, and PCR products.  Quality samples can yield contiguous read lengths (CRLs) >800 bases and over 1000 Q20 base calls.

Sequencing requests must be submitted via our online FBS web application HERE .  Please contact us to create an FBS account.  After your request is made, please bring your samples to MBB 1.426 and place them in the GREEN RACKS located in the marked Sanyo LabCool refrigerator.  An auto-notification email is sent when results are available for download and/or viewing via FBS.  For an in-depth explanation of service types, template preparation, sample requirements, order submission, results retrieval, and results analysis please see the links above.  Please see our Sanger FAQ and troubleshooting guide for help.  




How It Works

In general, automated Sanger sequencing involves three steps: (1) cycle sequencing, (2) capillary electrophoresis, and (3) data analysis.  We use this important terminology throughout the Wiki.  The whole process is illustrated diagrammatically in the figure below:










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