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Sanger Sequencing

  • Sanger DNA sequencing results can be retrieved via our FBS web application HERE 
  • We aim to always provide you with results within 24 hours
  • Results are available in AB1, TXT, and FASTA formats   
  • Please archive your results via download.  We guarantee availability on our server for 2 YEARS only.


Online Retrieval Instructions

A. Order Retrieval Options

I.  Completed orders

Option 1: From the user Dashboard, select "Results" in the Sanger Sequencing box of the banner

Option 2: Select the "Recently Completed" number visible in the "Online DNA Ordering" window

II. All orders (submitted, in-process, and complete)

Option 1: From the user Dashboard, select the "Orders" icon in the Sanger Sequencing box of the banner

Option 2: Select the "Sequencing" button in the "Online DNA Ordering" window



B. Order Filtering Options

I.  Definitions

 Submitted Orders submitted online, awaiting processing by DSF.  These orders can be modified by the requestor.
Checked-InOrders that have been collected by DSF for processing.  These orders can no longer be modified.
In-ProcessSamples have been assigned to a sequencing plate by DSF, so results will be available within 24 hours.
Recently Completed Results are available for these orders
Legacy Orders Orders migrated from dnaLIMS to FBS (see E below).


II.  Search Fields

Order # - You must enter a range (i.e. use both fields).  To find a single order, enter the number in both fields.

Order Name - This field is currently not functional.

Order Dates - Default is 1 month ago from current date

Sample Name - Search your order history for a specific sample name used during order submission

Primer Name - Search all samples sequenced with any specific primer


C. Viewing Results


D. Downloading Results


E. Legacy Orders


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