Go to the Zoom Home page on the web


You need to install the zoom .app

Go to >Resources>Download Zoom client

Run the Installer

downloads all the way at the bottom of the home page download the meetings client


Install the package

Sign into your account

Put in your login credentials - If you are a UT Student, Faculty or Staff

choose Sign in with SSO

Or Sign up for a new account by clicking Sign Up Free

Your Company Domain for UT is utexas.zoom.us

allow to use the microphone click OK

Go to Zoom>Preferences to check the audio and video

General Preferences should look like this

Click on Video

Click on Advanced button in the lower left corner

Click on the Video Tab and choose to turn off hardware acceleration for receiving video

This help with choppy video when sharing screens.

Audio Preferences

You can test the speaker audio

This tests the audio from the other folks in the meeting coming into the room.

Set to HDMI Crestron for classroom speaker output

Set Mic to HD Pro Webcam or similar

Click on the Video Settings tab

click OK on Video access

HD Pro Webcam C920 or similar webcam is the Camera Source

you may have a choice if you are in a classroom with 2

cameras or more choose the camera you want by

selecting it in the drop down

Also very important >check Enable HD it'll look so much better!

If you are home and using your laptop choose the webcam that is the available choice

Click on the Recording Tab this will save the files to the recording destination

Close the settings window by clicking the red dot in the upper

left corner

click back on Zoom icon in dock

To start a meeting choose the appropriate Icon

Or click New Meeting to start

Click on the Participants button

Choose to Invite participants

at the bottom of the participants list

choose a contact or email

You can also copy URL to send via email about the meeting

Or you can copy the URL and email that to the guests

Email within the application using your email account

Send the email of the URL of the meeting to the participants

When all your guests are in the meeting you should mute the guests

click on Manage participants

Choose to Mute All participants

You can add a background too!

Click on the up arrow next to the stop video button

and Choose Virtual Background

Click on the plus button to add backgrounds you downloaded or pictures you have. You can use photos that will enhance the lecture or presentation too. . . .

or choose one that is already downloaded

zoom also has some pre designed backgrounds too but you have to pay for them.


choose Share Screen

>whiteboard >click Share

Type draw or whatever on the whiteboard and you can

also save it.

Click on "Record" to record the meeting

You can pause and or stop at any time

You can also Chat

Gallery View will show you the guests all at one time.

See this wiki link for how to setup and control another users computer to help them with a computer issue

How to use Remote Support in Zoom.us
To wrap it up choose End Meeting in the lower left hand corner

Make sure you choose End Meeting for All

When you stop recording the video will process and save to your folder

Here are the saved video files.