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You need to install the zoom .app

Install the package

Sign into your account if you have one

You have to have an account to create a meeting but not to Join a Meeting

Put in your login credintials

Or Sign up for a new account

Go to Zoom>Preferences to check the audio and video

General Preferences should look like this

Audio Preferences

You can test the speaker audio

This tests the audio from the other folks in the meeting coming into the room.


Test Mic tests the audio coming from the meeting room going out to the participants

Click on the Video Settings tab

Make sure the HD Pro Webcam or similar webcam is the Camera Source

Click on the Record Tab this will save the files to the recording destination

To start a meeting choose the appropriate Icon

Or Choose Start with Video

Click on the Invite button

Email within the application using your email account

Or you can copy the URL and email that to the guests

Send the email of the URL of the meeting to the participants

Click on "Record" to record the meeting

You can pause and or stop at any time

You can also Chat

Gallery View will show you the guests all at one time.

When you stop recording the video will process and save to your folder

Here are the saved video files.